Promoting business and organizations with video, Internet marketing, and business experience

I'm Ted Lang -  owner of Advantage Information Systems, LLC and this website.

I also serve as videographer, photographer, Internet marketing strategist, and course developer, things that I have been doing now for over 35 years. I understand the blood, sweat, and tears that go into starting and operating a business. Had success along the way, but also made some dumb mistakes.  My hope is that my experience as a business owner and life-long entrepreneur can help you promote and succeed in your own business.

I'm in this business because I am captivated by the creative and marketing potential of video - especially when it's connected to today's Internet marketing opportunities. But, I also find a lot of satisfaction in helping an entrepreneur overcome the challenges 

of starting and operating a small business. Been there, done that.  

If you'd like to know about my background in more detail, please click HERE.

Here's a summary of what I do and how I can help you:

Being an entrepreneur and having built and managed a half-dozen businesses over the course of many years allows me to understand the needs of small businesses. I combine that experience when planning, filming, editing, and marketing video.

 And "Planning" is a key word when it comes to creating a successful video of any kind. One of the first things I do is carefully consult with a client in order to understand his/her business and the particular purpose of the video being created. This is critically important. And something quite a few less-experienced videographers overlook. I find that careful comunication in this regard is necessary to find the right combination of technology, creativity, and effectiveness. It also helps to keep the budget manageable - which is one thing I always focus on.